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Peñasol Airen BIB

Airen grapes mature to their best under the sun and the chilly nights in “Valley of the Rocks” (Valle de las Peñas).

Peñasol Tempranillo Garnacha BIB

Peñasol is the perfect partner for your spontaneous, informal, everyday plans… Its diverse range of wines is capable of adapting to all situations. Choose the moment, Peñasol transforms the everyday into the extraordinary.

Peñasol Sangria Can

Sangria is the typical summer drink, especially designed to be enjoyed on the beautiful Spanish beaches and all over the world. The classic sangria is a delicious mixture of red wine and natural extracts.

Peñasol Sauvignon Blanc

The best grapes from the vineyards of the Valle de las Piedras ripen under the radiant sun of this region of central Spain. This is the origin of Peñasol.

Peñasol Chardonnay

The best grapes from the vineyards of the “Valle de las Piedras” ripen under the radiant sunshine of this region in central Spain. This wine is a Chardonnay varietal. A grape variety that has recently been introduced into this region in Spain with limestone and clay soils that perfectly suit its growing requirements.

Sangria Peñasol White

Sangria is the typical summer drink enjoyed on gorgeous Spanish beaches and around the world. A delicious blend of wine and citrus. This sangria can be enjoyed with friends for a party or as an everyday aperitif. Just pour it into a jug full of ice cubes, garnish with your favorite fresh fruit and enjoy.

Peñasol Medium Sweet White

This wine is produced from the indigenous Airen variety. A pleasing fruity wine with notes of freshly mowed grass is obtained.

Peñasol Cabernet Sauvignon

This is a varietal wine from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes; a traditional variety in the region of Castilla-La Mancha. This French grape variety takes advantage of our extreme continental climate with cold winters and hot summers; its chalky, clay soils; an altitude of about 700 meters; and finally, a scarce annual rainfall.

Among the general characteristics of this grape it is worth mentioning its dense and aristocratic tannins, its deep colour, complex fruity aromas, its elegant structure and its capacity to produce crianzas with ease.

Peñasol Medium Sweet Red

Peñasol Medium Sweet Red is a semi-sweet red wine, light, soft and with a pleasing palate that matches current trends. A wine to enhance your table and enjoy every day.

Sangría Peñasol PET

Sangria is the typical summer drink to enjoy on beautiful Spanish beaches or anywhere in the world. Classic sangria is a delicious drink with a blend of red wine and natural extracts.

Peñasol Sec

Peñasol Rosé Sec is a wine made from Tempranillo grapes from specific vineyards in Valdepeñas landmark.

Peñasol Brut

Peñasol white brut is a wine made out of Airen and Viura grapes from specific vineyards in Valdepeñas landmark.