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Visit the museum and the winery, a sensory experience that will bring you closer to an ancestral culture

Pagos del Rey offers you a pleasant and complete experience that introduces you to the ancestral relationship between this land and the excellent and renowned wines produced by its vineyards. The museum is housed in one of the production units of the old cooperative, a spacious and spectacular facility that still displays the large tanks from former times and transports us to a magic world packed with surprises.

The building was erected in 1964 with a unique roofing system that has become one of its hallmarks. The ground floor still contains the 28 original wine-making tanks as part of the exhibition. The museum covers a total indoor area of 1,000 m2 that houses original elements, reproductions, audiovisual material and interactive touch screens. The outdoor part, with over 2,000 m2, displays the largest pieces in an imaginative exhibition area.

Discover a world of wine

Relax in the garden

Stroll through a pleasant garden where you will discover the vineyard and machinery associated with vineyard cultivation and wine making.

Know a long tradition

The wine, a Mediterranean fruit millennia old, has become, more than a drink, a cultural product, attached to the territory that produces it and covered with great symbolism.

Discover the origin of wine, its history and its symbolic values.

Delve into the Toro territory

The land, climate and wisdom of its inhabitants have turned Toro into one of the territories recognized for its wines.

The Douro river meanders and travels through different lands, almost all of them producing great wines. In Toro, the cultivation of the vineyard and the elaboration of wines have marked and still mark the life of their countrymen. He knows the properties of his lands and the work of a whole year through the work of vine growers and winemakers.

Travel through the wine deposits

Go through the interior of the winery’s original tanks and experience a multitude of sensations: the alchemy of the fermentation, the transformation of the vineyards’ landscapes, the quiet work in the cellar or the joy of the parties associated with a good harvest.

Tour the history of Toro wine

Start a journey through the history of Toro and its relationship with wine. From the medieval monasteries to our days you will know a long tradition full of surprises that, over the centuries, has forged some famous wines and admired by recognized poets.

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