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Prospero Sec

Prospero takes its name from the protagonist of The Tempest; considered to be the last play that Shakespeare wrote alone. Prospero uses his skills as a sorcerer to ensure he gets back his rightful title, Duke of Milan.  Storms and other machinations facilitate events to meet these ends.

This is a delicious sparkling wine with apple, pear and raspberry flavours and soft refreshing bubbles, perfect for every day celebrations.

Sparkling wine
Alcohol Graduation
Serving Temperature
Best served chilled (6-9ºC)


The area of Castilla-La Mancha, located in the central plateau of the Iberian Peninsula, is the world’s largest vineyard. Varietal wines, grape juice and sangrias are produced in this vast wine region. Airen and Tempranillo are the most typical grapes from this area.

Tasting Notes

Pale rose color, with a fine and constant bubble, pear and raspberry flavours that delight you taste buds, revealing a hint of seetness and plenty of refreshing fizz.

Food Pairing

A treat to drink on its own or with just about anything from pasta salad to cheesecake.

Technical Information

A production technique, often referred to as Charmat Method is used. The wine undergoes a traditional primary fermentation, before yeast and sugar are added to the wine in pressurised tanks, where a second fermentation takes place. The closed tanks trap the natural bi-product of fermentation; carbon dioxide, which dissolves into the wine, to create the bubbles.
The wine is then bottled to ensure a fresh and aromatic product.


2024 Berliner Wine Trophy: Prospero Sec NV