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Premium Blend / Mucho Más

Mucho Más Sparkling Rosé

Sometimes we need to go back to the essential, to the authentic, to find the genuine article. Moments that do not need embellishment or artifice, moments that imbue sincerity and saturate your being. In the search for those moments, Mucho Mas was born.

Grenache and Tempranillo
Sparkling wine
Alcohol Graduation
Serving Temperature
Serve between 8 and 10ºC


Blend is the new trend in the world of wine. These wines are made from a premium blend of different grapes from different vines, either by their regionality or by their variety. This characterises them as unique wines with their own identity, in which the art of winemaking is represented.

Tasting Notes

Pale rose color, accompanied by a fine and constant bubble that provides an elegant touch.

On the palate, pear and raspberry flavours are prominent, delighting the palate with their delicious combination. There are subtle sweet nuances with a pleasant complexity and refreshing effervescence.

Food Pairing

This wine is a delight to enjoy either on its own or with light starters, such as salads, pasta, seafood and even desserts, such as the classic cheesecake.

Technical Information

This sparkling wine is the result of combining Garnacha and Tempranillo grapes from specially selected old vineyards. The early harvesting of the grapes ensures that we obtain the perfect freshness and aromatic complexity. The result is a balanced sparkling wine with personality.