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Pagos del Rey celebrates the tasting creation of the 5th edition of “La Única”.

  • This initiative arose in 2012 to unite two concepts: Wine and Art and pays tribute to the Tempranillo grape.
  • The tasting was held at the Pagos del Rey Wine Museum to coincide with its 10th anniversary.
  • As in previous editions, the artist Mariano Rinaldi has designed the labels that symbolise this unique project.
The Pagos del Rey winery in Toro and its Museum belonging to Félix Solís Avantis, hosted the tasting of the 5th edition of "La Única". This project began in 2012 with the aim of extolling the virtues of the red wines made from the Tempranillo grapes in the Pagos del Rey wineries in the main wine regions of northern Spain, united in a single wine, distinct and unique.

The assemblage tasting of this 5th edition of “La Única” was held at the Pagos del Rey Wine Museum to coincide with the celebration of its 10th Anniversary. The event was attended by a team of 30 professionals from the world of wine, both national and international, including Philippa Carr (Master of Wine), David Schwarzwälder (sommelier trainer and great connoisseur of Spanish wine) and the oenologists Antonio Tomás Palacios and Begoña Jovellar.

The Tempranillo grape variety from each of the wine-growing areas is once again the star of this year’s edition. With the premise that no two vintages are the same, the Pagos del Rey oenologists have selected the best wines from each region to create an exceptional wine in a single blend.

The challenge during the tasting process has been to find the balance and nuances of each of the wines, to discover their potential, to blend them and to find a blend that brings out the best of each region.

This project fuses wine with art and, as in previous editions, the Argentinian artist Mariano Rinaldi, based in Berlin, has designed the characteristic labels. In them, the silhouette of a woman stands out as the inspirational muse, which throughout the editions has been turning into different colours linked to the wine culture.

The singularity of this whole process gives its name to La Única, a wine with an exceptional essence and character that will be released next October in a limited edition of 15,000 bottles.

In the words of Félix Solís, Commercial Director of Félix Solís Avantis, “La Única” is our tribute to the Pagos del Rey wineries and the Tempranillo grape. A very special project for our company where wine culture and art come together and which is already celebrating its fifth edition with a remarkable success and reception”.

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