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Conquesta Garnacha Rosé

Our experience in winemaking, based on several generations, has enabled us to create a wine made from the Garnacha variety. A varietal wine full of fresh fruit flavours, tasty and balanced.

Kingpin Rosé

The Kingpin governs his real with an absolute authority. Drawn from teh shadows by the seductive charms of a well-chosen wine, a relaxed bearing masks his formidable power.

Muchas Manos Rose

Behind each wine glass of Muchas Manos Rose there is a world to discover. A community of farmers, grape pickers, winemakers… who with their hard work and determination contribute to making this wine from the D.O. of La Mancha. We want to materialize that effort in a set of illustrations that represent the most human side of their activity; with their hands the vineyards are cultivated, cared for and harvested and with yours, you enjoy a great glass of wine.

Mucho Mas Rosé

A quality wine, reduced to its very essence, eliminating all that is insignificant and insubstantial. Just the very essence of wine.

the guv’nor Rosé

A very attractive rosé wine with pale tones and its own distinctive personality. The versatile Garnacha grape contributes to the aromatic richness, fixing the final colour and tonality as well as giving a fantastic creaminess to the palate. This type of grape, so typical of quality Spanish rosé wines, provides freshness and aroma, while the Tempranillo contributes to the final balance, giving a long and persistent mid-palate.

Viña Albali Garnacha Rosé Low Alcohol

Viña Albali Garnacha Rosé Low Alcohol is made from grapes harvested at our sun-kissed vineyards in Spain. Innovative technology gently removes most of the alcohol without affecting the natural flavours, resulting in a drink with all of the taste of wine, but not the alcohol.

Viña Albali Sparkling Rosé – Low Alcohol

From the warm vineyards of Spain, our dealcoholised wines showcase all the characters of grenache grape variety but without the alcohol. The perfect choice without compromise!

Viña Albali Garnacha Rosé

This wine was inspired by the clear starry night skies in La Mancha. Félix Solís wanted to create a wine that would capture the pleasure-loving, life-affirming spirit of Spanish people. He named it Albali after the brightest star in Aquarius.

Comte de Chamberí Sec

“Chamberi” is one of the neighbourhoods in Madrid that has witnessed historical links between Spain and France. Such links do still remain when it comes to quality wine. Comte de Chamberí Rosé Sec is a wine made from Tempranillo grapes.

Peñasol Sec

Peñasol Rosé Sec is a wine made from Tempranillo grapes from specific vineyards in Valdepeñas landmark.

Duet Rosé

A duet is a musical composition for two equally relevant performers: aroma and flavour. The two key features for this wine line.

Duet Rosé Sec is a wine made from Tempranillo grapes from specific vineyards in Valdepeñas landmark.

Casa Albali Grenache Rosé

Casa Albali Grenache Rosé is a wine elaborated with a selection of grapes from the best of the family Solís own vineyards in Valdepeñas.