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D.O. La Mancha / Muchas Manos

Muchas Manos Airén

Behind each wine glass of Muchas Manos Airén there is a world to discover. A community of farmers, grape pickers, winemakers… who with their hard work and determination contribute to making this wine from the D.O. of La Mancha. We want to materialize that effort in a set of illustrations that represent the most human side of their activity; with their hands the vineyards are cultivated, cared for and harvested and with yours, you enjoy a great glass of wine.

Still wine
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In the former kingdom of Castilla-La Mancha in central Spain, we can find the largest vine-growing area in the world with an endless expanse of 300,000 hectares of vineyard. It is also the stomping ground of Miguel de Cervantes’s famous novel, Don Quixote. The huge area covered by this Denominación de Origen borders Valencia and Murcia to the East, and Extremadura to the West, Andalusia to the South and Madrid to the North-West. Wine making began here in Roman times and was widespread during the middle ages. The versatility of this land has allowed for the introduction of a wide variety of international varieties of grape.

Tasting Notes

From Airen, the most well-known white grape of D.O. La Mancha, this wine is bright yellow with greenish tones. Aromas of herbs, apple and tropical fruits lead to an elegant palate with a balanced finish.

Food Pairing

Serve with vegetable dishes, soft cheeses such as ricotta or mozzarella, seafood or white fish.

Technical Information

The best batches of grapes are selected and the latest wine making technologies are applied to create a delicate wine.