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Pagos del Rey Museo del Vino, finalist in the award for European Wine Museum 2016

Pagos del Rey Wine Museum, which opened in 2014 in the town of Morales de Toro (Zamora), has been chosen as finalist of the European Wine Museum 2016. Among hundreds of participants, the jury of the competition has selected 49 museums from Europe. Pagos del Rey Wine Museum and Cap Ferrat are the only two Spanish wine museums in the final.

Organized by the European Museum Forum, the European Museum of the Year Awards aims to encourage excellence in the museums and it is the most prestigious in Europe. The award was created in 1977 under the European Council to improve innovation in the museums, beyond the traditional vision of collections. In Spain, other museums that got this award are: Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao (2000), MARQ in Alicante (2004) CosmoCaixa in Barcelona (2006) and Madinat Al-zahar Museum in Cordoba (2013).

Experts and professionals from all Europe value the following aspects of Pagos del Rey Wine Museum: innovation of the Project, architectural value, collection and restoration of the exhibited pieces, the plan of cultural activates around wine culture, the private involvement of the family Solis in culture as an important element of the area. After the in situ assessment by the jury during a visit to Pagos del Rey Wine Museum, the final decision will be taken in awards ceremony in May in the Topic Museum in Tolosa, where Pagos del Rey Wine Museum will be presented to the audience.


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Condado de Oriza Crianza, the best crianza from Ribera del Duero

On Sunday December 6th 2015, the German journal Frankfurter Allgemeine published and interesting article about wines from Ribera del Duero, where Condado de Oriza crianza, made by Pagos del Rey in Pagos del Rey winery located in Olmedillo de Roa (Burgos), was chosen as the best “crianza” wine from this appellation among 74 wines.

The article makes a complete review about climate and terroir in Ribera del Duero, and also about tempranillo grapes and their characteristics in this region. In general, it describes the wines from Ribera del Duero as intense coloured and good structure.

Seven judges from the art and culture areas in Germany: Johan Bettum, Michael Neser, Geunhye Yook, Dietrich Volle, Michael Couchet, Stefan Weiler and the experienced columnists Fabian and Cornelius Lange, have chosen Condado de Oriza crianza as the best crianza from Ribera del Duero.

It has a nice ruby colour, with intense aromas of toast and spices, mainly cinnamon, and delicate chocolate and dark berries.

Condado de Oriza crianza is made of tempranillo grapes selected from 20 year-old vineyards in the nearby of Olmedillo de Roa. It has a nice ruby colour, with intense aromas of toast and spices, mainly cinnamon, and delicate chocolate and dark berries. Flavour is full of fruit and well- integrated tannins, persistent and silky sensation.

During the tasting, the wines underwent a blind tasting and at a second stage, a dinner to be paired with 10 wines. The menu of the dinner consisted of tapas, Serrano ham, beef casserole (also known in German as “Rinderragout”) with potatos and carrots and Manchego cheese; all this in wonderful atmosphere where experts discussed about the wines for more than two hours.


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Felix Solis Avantis presents Casa Albali in an exclusive event for on- trade professionals in Valdepenas

Felix Solis Avantis invited more than 170 people, all of them professionals from the on-trade and press in the family´s hometown of Valdepenas. The purpose of the event was to present the new range of wines “Casa Albali” with a wonderful dinner of 6 dishes for the 6 wines of the range Casa Albali.

This year Felix Solis Avantis has launched a new brand especially designed for the on-trade. Casa Albali reflects the origin of the family Solis (making wines in their house – “casa” in Spanish) and also the tradition of a family devoted to wines. Casa Albali also aims to reach the new trends and the new consumers in the market. Under the appellation Valdepenas, Casa Albali young wines are modern with local and other French grape varieties and the oaked wines are made of selected grapes and under the highest quality standards.

The presentation of Casa Albali took place on December 1st in La Aguzadera restaurant in Valdepenas. The activity was a special dinner with 6 courses and a dessert. Felix Solis Avantis Technical Manager, Mr. Antolin Gonzalez, explained the wines. Adan Israel, sommelier from the restaurant El Granero, explained the pairings with the proposed menu, which was deliciously made by the expertise of La Aguzadera professionals.

This was the menu: mousse of foie with mango with Casa Albali white, white asparagus with Casa Albali rosé, courgette soup with Iberico ham powder with Casa Albali tempranillo- shiraz, spiced meat (“mollejas”) with potato cream with Casa Albali Gran Seleccion, cod in tomato and olive oil dressing with Casa Albali Crianza, roasted beef in truffle sauce with Casa Albali Gran Reserva de Familia; and finally, as dessert, apple cake with berries ice cream with the new Frissé rosé.

During the event, the Solis family honoured Mr. Fernando Rodriguez Rias, owner from the old restaurant “Los Corales”, who devoted more than 50 years to the on trade business. Mr. Felix Solis Yanez, president and CEO of Felix Solis Avantis, handed Fernando a special gift for his experience. This was a very nice moment of the event, when Fernando thanked and shared the “award” with the rest of the on trade people.

After the formal moment, there was a time to laugh with the monologue of Juanjo Albinana, who pleased the public with wise local jokes.

In Felix Solis- Yanez´s words, “we needed to organize an event like this, especially made for our on-trade clients in Valdepenas. That´s why we wanted to make the first presentation of Casa Albali in our hometown, where the family has grown”.


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Felix Solis Avantis is the Best Spanish wine producer in 2015 in AWC Vienna

Felix Solis Avantis, based in Valdepenas, is one of largest wine companies in Spain with more than 250 million liters of annual production of wines that are sold in 115 countries around the world. The company has just been awarded as the Best Spanish Wine Producer by the prestigious international wine competition AWC Vienna.

AWC Vienna is the largest wine challenge, which tastes wines from different countries. According to the organization, in 2015 there were 11,611 wines from 40 countries.

An international jury formed by winemakers, experts, sommeliers, and other trade people and journalists is in charge of evaluation the wines in blind tasting and strict tasting norms. In the organization´s words: “AWC Vienna establishes the highest standards to honour the increasing quality requirements in the wine world”.

Felix Solis Avantis group has been chosen as the Best Spanish Wine Producer since it has the highest number of wines with medals and also with highest scores. 25 wines produced in its wineries of Felix Solis and Pagos del Rey have become gold, silver and seal of approval medals.

Since January until now, the company has received more than 250 awards in wine competitions all over the world. This means that Felix Solis avantis wines are international in distribution and quality.

Also remarkable this year is the 34th place in the Top 100 wineries of the world in the ranking of the World Association of Wine Journalists and Writers. Last year, in 2014 Berliner Wein Trophy also recognized the company as the Best Spanish Winery. The magazine Drinks International also included Felix Solis in the top 50 wine brands in the world. These latest awards prove once more that Felix Solis Avantis is a large company in terms of volume but also in quality, with a great value and well- known brands.


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Felix Solis estimates to pick around 250,000 tons of grapes in his wineries in Castilla- La Mancha

Felix Solis Yanez, president of Felix Solis Avantis SA shares the estimation of volume of the present 2015 harvest published by the Minister of Agriculture of Spain, who talks about similar figures to 2014 of around 24-25 million hectoliters of wine. The company foresees to enter around 250,000 tons of grapes in the wineries of the group in Castilla- La Mancha, which is a quantity very similar to 2014. Continue reading Felix Solis estimates to pick around 250,000 tons of grapes in his wineries in Castilla- La Mancha


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Felix Solis avantis gets 14 gold medals in Berliner Wein Trophy 2015

Felix Solis avantis, Spanish leader in quality wine production, continues becoming prizes thanks to the quality of their wines. The group has 6 wineries in the appellations of Valdepenas, La Mancha, Rueda, Toro, Rioja and Ribera del Duero and has been awarded with 14 gold medals and 2 silver medals in the German competition Berliner Wein Trophy.

Berliner Wein Trophy is the first competition under the sponsorship of the International Wine Organization and the support of the Senate of Germany and the EU. In very few years, the competition has become more and more relevant, and nowadays it is one of the greatest in Germany and worldwide with more than 3,500 wines from all over the world. Every year, the competition awards the quality of wines in February and August in order to taste all the vintages which are available.

These have been the results for Felix Solis avantis wines in 2015:

Gold medals for:
Viña Albali Gran Selección 2014; Los Molinos Gran Reserva 2009; Casa Albali Red 2014 and Viña San Juan Rosado 2014 by Felix Solis.

Castillo de Albali Reserva 2011; Arnegui Reserva 2011; Castillo de Albai Reserva 2010; Arnegui Reserva 2010; Condado de Oriza Reserva 2009; Altos de Tamaron Reserva 2009; Condado de Oriza Crianza 2011; Finca la Meda Alta Expresión 2011; Gran Bajoz 2011; and Pulpo 2014 by Pagos del Rey.

Silver medals for: Viña Albali Rosado 2014 and Caliza Rosado 2014 by Felix Solis.

It is especially remarkable the results for Pulpo and Casa Albali red, two new brands in the market, awarded with gold medals. Both Pulpo, made of albarino from DO Rias Baixas and Casa Albali red, made of tempranillo and syrah from DO Valdepenas have also been presented in the recent international fairs and are widely distributed in the on- trade in Spain. Both have modern tastes according to modern styles.


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Six wines made by Felix Solis avantis get above 90 points in one of the most prestigious wine competitions in the US

Felix Solis avantis continues getting international awards for the quality of the wines made in the wineries Felix Solis and Pagos del Rey. This time, the good results come from the Ultimate Wine Challenge in the United States. This competition pursues to award the best wines in a blind tasting by a professional jury of wine experts like F. Paul Pacult Sean Ludford, Doug Frost and Jeniffer Simonetti-Bryan, among others.

Among the 12 awarded wines, Vina Albali has been the most awarded brand with 4 awards: Vina Albali Gran Reserva de Familia and Vina Albali tempranillo with 94 points, Vina Albali Reserva with 92 points and Vina Albali Crianza with 88 points.

Ultimate Wine Challenge has mentioned as “Great Value” 8 of the wines of Felix Solis avantis: Arnegui Reserva 2010 and Arnegui Tempranillo (D.O.C. Rioja), Altos de Tamarón (D.O Ribera del Duero) and Blume Verdejo (D.O Rueda) by Pagos del Rey and Vina Albali Tempranillo, Vina Albali Reserva 2010 and Vina Albali Crianza 2011 (D.O Valdepeñas) and Vina San Juan Tinto (D.O La Mancha) by Felix Solis.

Integrity, credibility and the rigorous tasting procedures with trustful results are the key aspects of this completion, whose results are more and more valued by professionals and consumers, since they are easy to identify and acknowledge.

The system of points assigns 95-100 points for “extraordinary” wines, 90-94 points for “excellent” wines, 85-89 points for “very good and highly recommended” and 80-84 points for “good and recommendable” wines.


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Pulpo, the new albarino by Pagos del Rey

Pulpo is one of the most recent launches of Pagos del Rey. A white wine made from “albariño” grapes carefully grown in the vineyards of the región “Val do Salnés” (Salnes Valley) in Galicia, which belongs to Rias Baixas appelation.

A delicate wine with aromas of white flowers, hints of peaches and apricots lead to a fresh, fruity palate and an enjoyable finish.

Pagos del Rey, with four wineries located in the main wine-producing appellations in the north of Spain like Ribera del Duero, Rioja, Toro and Rueda, starts a new project with a new wine from Galicia. This wine started its distribution in the restaurants of Spain.

A fruity, fresh wine with aromas of white flowers and apricot


The wine making process of this wine is strictly supervised. Fermentation is done at a controlled temperature of 16ºC in stainless steel tanks. The result is a bright wine, pale lemon in colour with hints of apple green.

The recommendation is to be served chilled, perfect with seafood, grilled octopus (“pulpo” in Spanish), and other typical dishes based on seafood, oysters, or mussels.


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Felix Solis avantis will present the new products in Fenavin

Felix Solis avantis confirms its participation in the next edition of FENAVIN wine fair from May 12th to 14th in Ciudad Real, Spain.

Felix Solis-Ramos, director of export and marketing, declares: “the success of a fair depends on the previous work and preparations in order to maximize our presence in the fair”. For this reason, the company plans a wide calendar of activities, prepared in coordination with the fair organizers.

On Tuesday 12th at 10:30 am in Room 5, the company will have a seminar about Pagos del Rey Wine Museum, opened a year ago and a project that shows the determination of the family company to promote wine tourism and extending wine culture. Rodrigo Burgos, director of Pagos del Rey Wine Museum, will explain about the activities of the museum and other possibilities of the space located in Morales de Toro, Zamora, attached to the winery Pagos del Rey.

After this presentation, Antolin Gonzalez, Chief Wine- Maker in Felix Solis avantis and Felix Solis- Ramos, will present the new products that the company has created thinking of young consumers as the target group in the national and international marketing.

Moreover, the stand of Felix Solis avantis, located in the centre of Virgilio Hall (street 9, stand 4) will be the location to host these activities:

  • Tuesday 12th at 1pm: wine cocktails workshop.
  • Tuesday 12th at 4pm: tasting of Frisse, a refreshing sparkling sangria with fruit flavours.
  • Wednesday 13th at 1pm: tasting of Pulpo (albariño) with seafood specialties.
  • Wednesday 13th at 4pm: wine cocktails workshop with recipes to prepare and enjoy them at home.
  • Thursday 14th at 12:30: tasting of Casa Albali (DO Valdepenas), a new brand by Felix Solis to be enjoyed with tapas typical from the local cuisine: ajoarriero, partridge paté with mushrooms, pisto with salmon; exquisite food made by the Cooking School Gregorio Prieto in Valdepenas.

At the same time, Blume verdejo (DO Rueda) and Arnegui reserve (DOC Rioja) will be tasted in the Wine Gallery. Additionally, Arnegui Reserva has been chosen in Fenavin original to accompany iberico ham by Nico Jamones, a classical food pairing that is always a guaranteed success.


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Frissé: the new refreshing drink with rosé wine and bubbles perfect for the summer

Felix Solis Avantis is ready to enjoy spring and summer with a new drink made of rosé wine (tempranillo) with a surprising look and a refreshing flavour. The name is Frissé and it is a new launch for this summer. It is a nice drink, with bubbles, pink colour and fruit flavours ideal for the heat of the summer open- air celebrations.

Frissé is a sparkling sangría made of rosé wine and fruit flavours and a special twist: bubbles. This original drink is an explosion of fruit for everyday. The low alcohol content (5%vol) invites for a drink, always in moderation.

The company has wineries in 6 appellations of Spain: Rioja, Toro, Rueda, Ribera del Duero, La Mancha and Valdepenas. It is in this winery in Valdepenas where the facilities are prepared to make this product and many others: wines, grape juices, sangrias, sparkling wines….

Felix Solis Yanez, President and CEO at Felix Solis avantis affirms: “with Frissé we want to offer new products to the new consumers, and reach young consumers who want to learn about wine and they look for something different and modern, original. Of course, always in moderation. We would like that Frissé is a fashionable drink in restaurants and wine shops”.

Frissé was presented for the firtst time in Enofestival, a music – wine festival in Madrid, where more than 1,200 people enjoyed the drink in a wonderful and casual atmosphere. These are some of the comments of the first impressions: “I love it, it tastes of summer”; “It´s fun. Bubbles add that refreshing point that invites for a second drink”; “it is a surprising blend of strawberry and lemon”.

The fair FENAVIN in Ciudad Real next May will be the second show to hold a tasting of Frissé. A different event, more professional and trade focused, and ideal framework to new products like Frissé.


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Felix Solis avantis is the number 1 Spanish wine exporter in Japan in 2014

In 2014, wine imports of Spain wine in Japan reached 1.74 million cases.

In 2010, the Spain’s economy being on the way to recovery and the harvest of grapes being decreased, many of wine producers had been noticing price increases. The importers had been withstood such sudden price increase for the time being but obliged to increase their retail price. Then they encountered sharp drops in sales. The market built up by the “cheap price” gradually began to disintegrate.

In 2014 Felix Solis finally went up to the number one of Spanish wineries in the ranking of the Japanese magazine Wands. The majority of increase had been derived from Sangria. The Sangria imported to Japan from Spain in 2014 reached to 300.000 cases. Los Molinos, Viña Albali, Blume, Diego de Almagro… are some of the wine brands that Felix Solis avantis sells in Japan.

Another characteristic of Spain wine observed in 2014 was that the volume of wine priced at \1.500 and over, equivalent to Reserva and Gran Reserva ranges, was increased. It is very highly expected that this price range wine will increase in sales. This will be closely connected with the prosperous business of the Spanish bars and restaurants in Japan.


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Felix Solis is one of the world´s most admired Spanish wine brands

Felix Solis avantis is in the Top 100 Best Wineries in the world. It is number 34 in this ranking made by Infoempresa and the World´s Association of Wine and Spirits Journalists and Writers.

In this ranking there are 17 Spanish wineries, which means that Spain has the largest number of wineries in this list and the third country with the most awarded wineries, after USA and France.

These data show the quality of Spanish wines in the world, where Felix Solis avantis plays an important role, as the 3rd most awarded winery in this ranking with 98 awards in 2014.

The quality if the wines made in the wineries of the group in Valdepeñas and La Mancha under the name Felix Solis, and in Ribera del Duero, Rioja, Rueda and Toro under the name Pagos del Rey is part of this success. Year after year the brands of the group are increasing their sales figures in more and more countries, which is translated into being the number one Spanish winery by its turnover in 2013.

Other Spanish wineries in this ranking are Gonzalez Byass, Codorniu, Ramon Bilbao, Hijos de Antonio Barcelo, Emilio Lustau and Freixenet, among other.

In the last few weeks, Felix Solis has been included also among the 50 world´s most admired brands by the magazine Drinks International. Only 6 Spanish wineries are in this list. Felix Solis is number 47 in this list and the 6th Spanish wine brand. Other prestigious Spanish wine brands in this list are Torres, Vega Sicilia, Campo Viejo, Marques de Riscal and Abadal.

The jury of the World´s Most Admired Wine Brands is formed by more than 200 professionals like Masters of Wine, sommeliers, and wine journalists from different parts of the world. They have revised wines from many countries before including Felix Solis among the Top 50 wine brands.

Today Felix Solis avantis sells the wines in more than 110 countries in the world, and according to 2014 latest data around 250 million bottles were sold in the year. After all this data, Felix Solis avantis is among the 10 largest wine companies in the world, thanks to the quality of their wines and the service of their team.

Vina Albali and Los Molinos are the most important wine brands of Felix Solis in Spain and in the world, whose wide distribution is part of the success of Felix Solis in the world´s wine business scenario.

Every year, the company receives many awards to the wines and to the wineries. In 2014, the German competition Berliner Wein Trophy awarded Felix Solis avantis as the best Spanish winery.

Felix Solis Ramos, International Director of the company, praises the work of the sales network in Spain and in the company´s offices in other countries for their efforts in creating wine knowledge and acknowledgment in the major off trade players. “I am proud when our company is among the best wineries of the world. Seeing our brands in every corner of the world is the best award”.


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