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Contenda Sauvignon Blanc

The Sauvignon Blanc vineyards are growing in importance as the Spanish offer of varietal wines grows in number and volume. Spanish varietal wines are already a great promise to the world.

Contenda Merlot

Through generations of careful winemaking we have refined this wine to express the rich intensity of plum and black cherry aromas, with a smooth silky texture.

Contenda Grenache Rosé

Generations of conscientious wine making have refined this wine to express the vibrant red berries and crispy summer fruit flavours of this traditional grape variety.

Contenda Shiraz

Using our generations of careful wine making, we have created a Spanish wine full of ripe damson flavour and a silky texture from the international grape variety, Shiraz.

Contenda Chardonnay

Through generations of careful wine making we have applied our expertise to refine the expression of this international grape to exhibit the lively fruity intensity of fresh apples and honeydew melons rounded by its underlying richness.

Contenda Cabernet Sauvignon

The grapes are grown in old, low growing vineyards of 6 000 ha and we have refined this wine to express the rich fruit intensity of blackcurrants, with a smooth velvety texture through generations of careful winemaking.