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Castillo de Albai Gran Reserva

Castillo de Albai Gran Reserva is made exclusively from the best vines from selected vineyards in La Rioja Alta from old vines with small production.
During the harvest the clusters were carefully selected, destined to produce a Gran Reserva wine that combines structure and silky tannic character, with elegance and balance.

Castillo de Albai Viura White

Castillo de Albai White is made from the Spanish traditional grape variety known as Macabeo in most of Spain and as Viura in Rioja, where it is by far the most commonly grown white wine grape. Our experienced oenologist team has created a wine that preserves the grape’s natural aromatic freshness.

Castillo de Albai Tempranillo

Castillo de Albai Red is made from Tempranillo grapes that are carefully handpicked from the best vineyards in La Rioja.

Castillo de Albai Crianza

Castillo de Albai Crianza is made exclusively from the Tempranillo grape variety. The grapes are carefully handpicked from small production vineyards from vines over 80 years-old. The result is a superb wine with ripe, red fruit aromas and hints of spices.

Castillo de Albai Reserva

Castillo de Albai Reserva is made exclusively from the best Tempranillo grapes handpicked from old vines. The result is a superb, elegant and well balanced wine.