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Mushrooms and Wine

The flavours of two products typical of Spain, have aromas and textures which match perfectly.

Matching mushrooms with wine is easy and is based on the strength or their flavour; strong or mild. However, wines which are aged in oak, such as reservas or gran reservas, should be avoided as they would be much too powerful and mask the flavour of the mushroom. Sweet wines are equally unsuitable for matching with mushrooms.

Red wine from Merlot grapes is ideal for intense mushrooms as shitake, niscalos, boletus edulis or death trumpets. More delicately Spanish flavoured mushroms such as colmenillas, perrechicos or rebozuelos, suit white wines made of chardonnay or sauvignon blanc.

The way of cooking the mushrooms is also important. The most common way is to grill them to enjoy their earthy flavours. The can be also enjoyed with foie, in salads, with fish and pasta or meat.

Pairing mushrooms and wine is a pleasure to be enjoyed all year long, although autumn is when the best wild and fresh mushrooms can be found.