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Winery in Toro

The Pagos del Rey winery – 6 km away from the historical city of Toro in the province of Zamora – was established in 1952. It was originally known as Nuestra Señora de las Viñas, later on it was named Viña Bajoz (1962) after the river that runs near Morales de Toro. It was Félix Solís Avantis who acquired the winery in September 2008 and renamed it as Pagos del Rey Toro.

The winery currently produces 36% of the total production of red wines under Toro Denominación de Origen.

The Solís family is associated to family-owned vine growers that cover 1,400 hectares in the region. The traditional bush vine system of cultivation is still in use.

Pagos del Rey Toro winery in Morales de Toro has recently become an attraction centre for wine culture and oenotourism. The region’s first wine museum was opened in February 2014.

Winery in Rueda

Félix Solís Avantis purchased the winery known as Castillo Mudéjar S.L. in 2005 when it was just one-year-old. The first harvest took place in 2005.

This winery is characterised by its Mudejar style brickwork together with the olive tree garden and the sculptures of a musician and his muse. Furthermore, the façade’s bright orange colour never fails to impress visitors.

At present, Pagos del Rey is one of the three most important wineries in Rueda.

Pagos del Rey Rueda winery has been totally modernised and equipped with all the latest technologies. Along with the bottling plant it also boasts a large air conditioned storage warehouse.

Winery in La Rioja

el The winery, which opened in 2006, is one of the largest in La Rioja. It is located next to an ancient river bed and from it you enjoy views of the mountains in Rioja Alavesa. It combines tradition with modern architecture. Huge chimneys and steel covers resemble a vessel that dominates the landscape. A fir-wood baseboard embellishes the barrel cellar.

The statue of a lady harvester carrying a basket of grapes on her head stands proudly at the entrance of the Pagos del Rey winery. This statue is a symbol of the long lasting wine making tradition in the region.

The Solís family is associated to more than 1,000 family-owned vine growers that cover around 2,500 hectares across La Rioja.

Our expert oenologists combine tradition with modernity to create excellent red wines typical of Rioja. Our privileged position in Fuenmayor also allows us to reach different vineyards and take advantage of the different ripening cycles and grape varieties in the regions to elaborate our excellent wines.

Our Pagos del Rey La Rioja winery was opened in 2006.

Winery in Ribera del Duero

Built in 2002, the modern Pagos del Rey winery rises majestically from its surroundings. The concrete walls and its dramatic cantilevered roof protect the inside from the baking heat of the sun. The beautifully designed reception as well as the wine making areas have been built as a harmonious and vast pillar free space. The grand window at the reception area allows for a panoramic view over acres of vineyards. This cleverly designed building holds glistening stainless steel tanks and the latest wine making technology.

It is not by chance that the winery is located at the small town of Olmedillo de Roa in Burgos province. This decision was driven by the strong ties of the Solís family to the region.

The cellars hold a sculpture of the Greek goddess, Ariadne, who is holding a bunch of grapes in her hand. Ariadne represents the wine and the arrival of spring with the awakening of vines. Classical music and opera are often heard in the cellars as the wines slumber in their air-conditioned ecosystem.

The Solís family owns two vineyards (70 hectares) and works in partnership with 450 family-owned vineyards that cover around 1,600 hectares.