Only the very best Tempranillo grapes are selected to create this sophisticated wine that is full of vanilla and notes of spices.

  • Grape


  • Style

    Still wine

  • Region

    Valdepeñas takes its name from the ancient city by the same name,  that lies on a sun-baked river valley dotted by small rocky formations (Val-de-peñas - Valley of Rocks). Located in the South of Castilla-La Mancha in central Spain. The area is almost entirely encircled by both La Mancha Denominación de Origen on the North border and Andalusia on its Southern limits. It  experiences extreme weather conditions, with temperatures reaching up to over 40 ºC in the summer and dropping to as low as -10 ºC in the winter. The future of this Denominación de Origen lays with its red wines made from Tempranillo; a grape variety that enjoys the ability to age well as crianza, reserva and gran reserva. .

  • Tasting Notes

    Produced from carefully selected vineyards and log barrel agening in our cellars, this wine has evolved into a delicious complex, mellow, rich and smooth aged red wine.

  • Food Pairing

    Red meats, game and strong cheeses.

  • Alcohol Content


  • Best Served

    Between 18-20ºC

  • Technical Information

    The grapes are carefully selected and fermented at a controlled temperature (26-28ºC) to ensure the optimum maximum aromatic potential before further post ferment maceration time to develop its characteristic colour, flavours and tannins. Finally the wine is aged for 18 months in American oak barrels before bottling. The bottles are then aged in our cellar for 3 to 6 years.

  • About this wine

    “A Gran Reserva aged for 2 years in American oak barrels and 3-6 in the bottle before release.  This aromatic wine from a tiny area in La Mancha tastes of moderate smooth tannins and vanilla. It is medium bodied with flavours of red fruit. Unlike Rioja wines, here the Tempranillo grape is smoother and takes on quite a bit of oak.  It’s a great price for a Gran Reserva and tasty too (and people can say “oooh a Gran Reserva”, and you can be all “it’s just a little something I picked up”, and they can exclaim “that’s so totally thoughtful…etc. etc.” Pull the cork




  • Latest Awards

    2018 AWC Vienna: Los Molinos Gran Reserva 2011
    2018 Mundus Vini: Los Molinos Gran Reserva 2011

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