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D.O. Toro / Sentero

Sentero White

Sentero is a wine name inspired by two Spanish terms: “Sendero”, which could be translated into Italian as “Sentiero”, and “Sentimiento” (Feeling).  Its label intends to convey the feeling of flowing along the vast vineyard landscapes in Morales de Toro while handpicking their yearly crop. The definite play of words came from an inspiring journey through Italy.

This wine is made out of grapes that have been handpicked by the end of September from 30 to 40-year-old vines. The grapes are selected to produce a fruity and elegant wine.

Still wine
Alcohol Graduation
Serving Temperature
Best served chilled between 6-8ºC.


Brimming with tradition, Toro D.O. is an exciting wine region nestled in the heart of Castile and León, in the northern Spanish province of Zamora. This D.O. is next door to Rueda’s territory, and not far from Ribera del Duero and Rioja’s. It is one of Spain’s best kept secrets. Its wines inherit a long history, dating back to Roman settlements. In the middle ages, the wines enjoyed Royal privileges that allowed them to be exclusively sold in towns and cities. Even Christopher Columbus is said to have taken the wines of Toro on his expeditions to America. Toro qualified for the Denominación de Origen status in 1987. With its ancient vines, it is certainly one of Spain´s most promising regions for the production of red wines of impressive quality.

Tasting Notes

Pale lemon colour, with green highlights. Aromas of white fruits, especially pears and apples, with hints of herbs and flowers. Fresh and flavour on the palate.

Food Pairing

The perfect accompaniment to a wide variety of light starters, seafood, fish dishes, white meat and salads.

Technical Information

The harvest of this minority grape variety takes place at the beginning of October. Fermentation is carried out at 14- 16 ºC in stainless steel tanks in order to obtain the maximum potential aromas and characters. The result of this winemaking process is a fresh and delicate wine.