Ayrum has been born to give a new “air” to traditional wine making. With the maximum respect to indigenous varieties, technology and expertise have associated to give birth to a modern style of wine, suitable for international taste.

  • Grape


  • Style

    Still wine

  • Region

    Valdepeñas takes its name from the ancient city by the same name,  that lies on a sun-baked river valley dotted by small rocky formations (Val-de-peñas - Valley of Rocks). Located in the South of Castilla-La Mancha in central Spain. The area is almost entirely encircled by both La Mancha Denominación de Origen on the North border and Andalusia on its Southern limits. It  experiences extreme weather conditions, with temperatures reaching up to over 40 ºC in the summer and dropping to as low as -10 ºC in the winter. The future of this Denominación de Origen lays with its red wines made from Tempranillo; a grape variety that enjoys the ability to age well as crianza, reserva and gran reserva. .

  • Tasting Notes

    The wine has a bright yellow colour with delicate hints of gold. Its nose exhibits remarkable aromas of pineapple, peach and citrus fruits that combine with floral notes and fennel. A well-balanced palate with subtle acidity, fruity flavours and freshness.

  • Food Pairing

    A perfect companion to light appetisers, steamed fish with vegetables seasoned with thyme, rosemary and other herbs.

  • Alcohol Content


  • Best Served

    Best served chilled (8-10ºC)

  • Technical Information

    Night-time harvesting or cold fermentation are some of the techniques that give birth to the aromatic freshness, delicacy and youth of these wines. Harvesting at night at cool temperatures is one of the requirements to optimise the character of the Verdejo variety. The must is left to macerate with skin for some hours at a very low temperature. Then, the fermentation takes place for 20 days at temperatures between 14 and 16°C to accomplish the maximum expression of this variety’s freshness and aroma.

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